Top 5 Tips For A Faster Metabolism

You hear it all of the time, “Wow, she’s so thin and she eats all of the time. She must have a really fast metabolism.”

What is metabolism anyway? According to BBC Health:

The term ‘metabolic rate’ refers to the energy (calories) you expend over a day just keeping your body functioning – your heart beating and your lungs breathing, for example.

Unfortunately, heredity plays a big part in how your metabolic rate works. Even so, there are easy and scientifically-proven ways to speed up your (perhaps not so genetically quick) metabolism. The best part is, they’re all totally natural!

Eat less, more often

We’ve all heard that five or so small meals throughout the day are better than three big meals, but why? Basically, the goal is to keep your metabolism working hard all day long. Protein also helps boost your metabolic rate, so make sure each meal contains some form of protein. Low-fat cheese or yoghurt, hummus or bean spreads, lean meat, and nut butters are good protein sources to try. This same theory holds true for eating breakfast – your body’s metabolic rate slows while you sleep, and food wakes it up!

Exercise for the afterburn!

Yes, exercise helps you to feel great – and to lose weight – but did you know that adding high-intensity exercise a 2-3 times a week actually pumps up your metabolic rate as well? Your body continues to burn calories 12-48 hours after an intense workout. In other words, you can still reap the benefits of a good workout while sitting in front of the television two days later! It is important to keep a good balance of high intensity workouts, low intensity workouts, and recovery time, though, so be sure to mix it up!

Lift weights

I still know a lot of girls who worry that strength and resistance training will result in big muscles, and therefore never lift weights. There are enough pros to lifting weights (for both men and women), that I could write an entire post just praising weight lifting… but I’ll save that for another time. When it comes to your metabolic rate, studies show that resting muscle simply burns more calories that fat. That’s because fat at rest only rests. Muscles are metabolically active, meaning that they burn the majority of calories in your body. More muscles, more calorie burn. Not to mention, muscle tone looks great!

Drink more water

Studies show that water can help to boost metabolism. Drinking approximately 500 ml of water has been shown to increase metabolism by up to 30% for 30 minutes to an hour after drinking. This is because your body works to warm up the water that has entered your system, causing your body to burn more calories, therefore spiking your metabolism. Based on this, you may even get more metabolic spike by adding ice to your water. Of course, this is not a weight loss or maintenance plan on it’s own, but over time, the calories burned will certainly add up!

Spice up your food

It sounds crazy, but a little extra spice in your diet can help to speed up your metabolic rate, too. According to research, capsaicin found in spicy peppers can temporarily cause your body to release increased stress hormones, which speeds up your metabolic rate and burns more calories. Other studies have shown that spicy foods increase your body temperature, which in turn increases your heart rate to the same metabolic effect. Either way, your food is more flavourful and your metabolic rate gets a boost.

While there is no magic formula (you’ll notice the above includes the age-old “eat right and exercise”), these tips can help to give you the metabolic speed you need to maintain a healthy weight and a fab figure.


Photos by K. Kendall, pasukaru76, tim.perde, and Will Clayton

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