5 Healthy Desserts

If I say “Dessert”, what comes to mind? A giant, gooey slice of chocolate fudge cake maybe? A creamy jam-dolloped rice pudding? A retro bowl of Angel Delight? Frankly, the closest I’m getting to anything healthy right now (read – containing fruit) is a boozy trifle.

Desserts are supposed to be a little bit naughty. But they don’t have to derail your entire diet. In fact, a treat occasionally is more likely to keep you on track with your diet as you don’t feel like you’re depriving yourself. If you’re looking for some desserts that do border on healthy, try some of these options.

Roasted Banana Cheesecake

Here is A Cheesecake that brings you a little bit closer to your 5 a day. The bananas, sultanas and ginger bulks it up a bit, so it’s surprisingly low on the calorie front. The classic dense cheesecake texture and scrumptious combination are wonderful!

Beetroot Chocolate Fudge Cake

Stick with me here people. Beetroot is the secret weapon of seasoned dieters. It’s rich and tasty, but doesn’t really taste beetroot-y at all when added to a cake recipe. Instead, it makes chocolate cake even gooier and yummier.

Strawberry and Cream Cupcakes

Yup, that trend for cupcakes is still going strong and these contain another odd ingredient – courgette. It’s grated down and added to the mixture so you don’t need so much flour and sugar, but it really doesn’t taste odd at all.

Key Lime Pie

I love Kirsty Allsopp. Not only does she have some excellent banter with house-hunting partner in crime Phil, but she also knows how to make a marvellous Key Lime Pie with 30% less fat.

Hot Fruit Slump

Possibly my favourite name ever for a dessert. These little dumplings sit in a hot fruit sauce, so it’s healthy, comforting and a little bit stodgy. Perfect!

So there’s a few recipes to get you started. What’s your favourite healthy dessert?

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