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It’s mid-June already, and the music festival season is in full swing. Countless weekends throughout the summer will see up to (if not more than) 100,000 pumped-up music fans flocking to sites around the country, tents and sleeping bags strapped to their backs ready for a weekend of top tunes, partying into the wee small hours, and the facing the threat of muddy fields for the duration.

I was lucky enough to attend my first ever festival this year – incredibly, I managed to get free tickets for RockNess in the Scottish Highlands, so in the early hours of Friday 9th June we set off on the excitingly long trip with a car boot full of camping gear and festival clobber.

We had a fantastic weekend at a brilliantly organised festival that only saw one visit to the Portaloos when there weren’t at least three spare loo rolls and plentiful foaming hand sanitiser. Now THAT is a well-run festival.

I seemed to plan my clothing better than most as there was a heck of a lot of girls walking around in itsy bitsy, teeny weeny shorts with decidedly blue looking legs. I found myself silently applauding those who had at least twinned them with thick tights. It led me to thinking: what is a girl to do at a festival to make sure she’s dressed appropriately without losing her fashion edge?

Well, seeing as most of the girls at RockNess were wearing shorts, I’d say that’s the first staple of the festival wardrobe. But please girls, at least make sure they cover your bum cheeks. I saw far more peeky cheeky than I wanted to and in truth, it just doesn’t look good. Go for something a bit longer like these fab MOTO Acid Pink Cycling Shorts from Topshop (they’re definitely a bit more forgiving on less-than-perfect thighs):

On the off-chance that you have to abandon clothes because of festival wear and tear, you’ll definitely wish you’d bought relatively low-cost items. So don’t pack your designer favourites, and instead opt for cheaper tops you can layer up – layers are good at festivals because the temperature difference between day and night can mean you’ll go from being comfortable during the day to feeling positively frostbitten in the evening. This Endless Summer Print T-Shirt from New Look sums up the summer beautifully and is sure to have fellow festival-goers nodding in agreement.

In preparation for the evening, taking a jumper or cardie is fab because throughout the day you can just tie it around your waist, then whip it on later, ready for jumping around to the headline acts. And during this, the Jubilee year as well as the year we host the most important sporting event in the UNIVERSE, what better to warm up your festival nights than to wear your pride on your sleeve? Or, um, your chest. Anyway – I’m in love with this Knitted Union Jack Jumper from Topshop, and should I go to another festival it’ll be the first in my backpack; or I might just buy it anyway.

Unless you’ve been living in a ditch for the last century you’ll know that festivals are notoriously unpredictable weather-wise, so any hope of wearing cute shoes should be ditched before you even set off. PACK WELLIES. Luckily, I didn’t need any at RockNess as the weather was gloriously bright for the entire weekend, but people were still wellied up in cautious expectation. I lost count of the number of pairs of Hunter wellies I saw – in truth, once I’d seen ten pairs I’d seen them all and rapidly lost interest. Yeah, they might be fashionable but they’re expensive too, and I’ve got better things to spend my money on (like tickets to another festival perhaps?). My advice is to keep it cheap and cheerful with a cheap pair you’re not bothered if you lose, like these ones from Barratts.

Even better, find out in advance if the Schuh Welly Exchange is going to be there – they’ll swap any pair of old shoes you take in for a pair of brand spanking new wellies, and all the shoes that get handed in get reused or recycled for charity. Surely a better way of getting a new pair of wellies, and whilst helping a charitable cause too! At RockNess they gave away over 1000 pairs of wellies, so it was truly a worthy donation of my old favourite trainers, which had ultimately seen better days.

Festivals are so much fun and I really had a brilliant time, but things could’ve been different if I hadn’t thought ahead and made sure I had a spare layer, thick socks, and a hat for the evening. Being sensible doesn’t mean you can’t be fashionable, so please, just plan ahead.


Photography and Items by miss.libertine, Topshop, New Look and Barratts

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